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BSDCan 2005
That cake was one of the most photographed items at the 2005 FreeBSD Developer Summit. "Elevating device" - ooookay, canadians.
Fernando Gont's "ICMP attacks on TCP" was well worth attending. If you go to BSDCan, you will inevitably end up at the Royal Oak, a nearby pub. You can see here as I enthrall fellow conference attendees. Or maybe I asked them to help me pose the picture. You decide.
EuroBSDCon 2005
I presented my paper, "Improving TCP/IP Security Through Randomization Without Sacrificing Interoperability" immediately following Ryan McBride's paper, "Network Stack Randomness." The picture you see here is from the audience Q&A that followed. The EuroBSDCon wrapup party was held in an old... well, I don't remember what it was. Either way, it was great fun for all.
BSDCan 2006
I presented my TCP paper a second time at BSDCan, with a few additions. Audience attendance was not nearly what it was at EuroBSDCon.
Moving to Minnesota (Summer 2006)
My soon to be former employers picked up a cake for me, how nice. The cake was quite popular.
One thing you don't realize about Wisconsin until you are leaving it is how many cheese shops there are. Time to unpack in the new apartment.
EuroBSDCon 2006
Here, I talk about how great SSP is at the FreeBSD dev summit. I hear that Jeremie Le Hen's patches to integrate SSP into FreeBSD will be committed any day now.
Spring 2007
Nobody feels safe when I'm near cookies.